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MIUI 12.5.2 Features, What’s New



MIUI 12.5.2 features

System Features

New: Response to gestures is now instant.
New: With 20 times more rendering power, there
are now few limits to what you can see on your
New: With custom device model adjustments, any
the phone becomes faster after the upgrade.
Optimization: Updated Android Security Patch to
July 2021. Increased system security.
Optimization: MIUI became lighter, faster, and
more durable.
Optimization: Updated Android Security Patch to
July 2021. Increased system security.

Notes in Update

New: Excerpts save text, URLs, and images to
Notes in a few simple taps.
New: Dynamic layouts bring the typography in
Notes to a new level.
New: Compose mind maps with complex
New: New tools for doodling and sketching.
New: Press and hold a sketch to adjust the
strokes automatically.
New: A gesture shortcut now allows you to create
notes, tasks, and excerpts anywhere.
All-new Notes.

Update Overview

What is this????? We are going to talk about Redmi Note 10 Pro and 10 Pro Max because there is an update of MIUI 12.5, but actually, it is MIUI 12.5 update you don’t get to see any new feature of MIUI 12.5 People who were expecting something from this update. we are going to talk about this and cover all bugs the article will be interesting If you like it do click on the like button also, you can subscribe to our channel So without any further due let’s get started…

Well first start with some features and also about what all change logs are given If you remember there was a big list of change logs when MIUI 12 was released In MIUI 12.5 the list is not that big only two or three features are given because there are not many updates in this I don’t know why but this is not good as you are not going to get many features here you will get the MIUI logo changed along with the notification panel when you right swipe it you see the control centre. this is very nice as it is useful when you use it with one hand also, the brightness option will be there down one more thing is that flashlight is given as torch only these changes you can see For other changes, I have made a video you can watch that If we talk about RAM management then it has been improved.

When you close all the apps, a lot of RAM is saved As it was announced in the MIUI 12.5 launch event that RAM management will be improved it has been actually improved well When you watch videos the quality has also improved It is the AMOLED screen, so you get a better experience when you used to of it, PIP mode was not seen in full screen but after this update, you can see this thing so few features are also added here This is a very good thing Xiaomi has done so thumbs up for this If we talk about AnTuTu Score it is around 297686 but in the previous update, it was around 285923 So this is also improved, and you can see CPU & GPU score here for gaming, this will be beneficial Along with this now we don’t get the mute option in the notification you will have to touch and hold to enable the mute option this new feature is also added here The video toolbox which I had shown you earlier You also get an auto-refresh rate option if you enable the video toolbox you can use this benefit this feature is also added here Now in MIUI 12.5, but there is no such thing you will get regular wallpaper which is also there in MIUI 12 So it wasn’t that required to provide

MIUI 12.5 for Redmi Note 10 Pro because almost all the wallpaper is the same only two or three wallpapers are new in MIUI 12.5 but still, we don’t get the support of super wallpaper here, so this was not provided here In the event, they had said that we can uninstall any system app, but that feature is also not yet available here I guess To some extent, I can agree with them because in App there is an option to uninstall system apps, but this was in the first update or this that I am not sure because in future these changes can be done but this feature you can find here The other issue which I faced was related to the notification While watching a video you get a notification that is transparent and not properly visible sometimes it is visible, but mostly it is not So this issue you may face while watching a video you may not be able to see the important notification you receive The battery life has become worse after the previous update The UI is lighter as they have promised in MIUI 12.5, but the battery drainage is very fast As you can see I have used the device for almost 5 hours and the battery is only 14% now I have not played any game and used it normally The battery is mostly reduced when in sleep or say standby mode In my scenario sleep time is around 7 hours and 20% of the battery has been reduced

This is annoying here Another thing is when you check the notification and press hold it to set timing that time it gets sometimes overlapped this bug you may find here, but mostly this feature is not used Next is the volume style for music that has been changed it can be over lift you can see You also get DND mode which can be enabled and sometimes used it gets stuck Another thing is when you use any other app Its volume system also gets overlapped It is quite annoying but if you can use it then it’s fine The volume slider, or you can say the music tab which comes in the notification if you remove it then it will be the same as earlier it does not get collapse automatically If we talk about the RAM management I had already said it is nice So we will Instagram DRM Info and last I have opened Camer2 API Now let’s see is it working or not till now I have not faced any issue with RAM management

And seriously RAM management has been improved a lot so when you play a heavy game and keep it in the background that time you will not face any issue But if we talk about the battery you may face a little issue If you are a gamer and want to update it for gaming I will not suggest you update it because in gaming everything is the same as the graphics earlier there is no change nor any change in the game space & game turbo you may face a heating issue while playing the game and the performance starts to get downgrade So if you are a PUBG lover or want to play a game with this update then I won’t suggest it as you may face a lagging issue So these were the details I have noticed in two days the main update of MIUI 12.5 is still not properly seen here in which we are going to get many features In the Indian update.


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Windows 11 Features



windows 11

How many of you have installed the latest Windows 11 on your PC? If you have Windows 10, you can upgrade it for free & there are many others who did this, including me! Most of our office laptops have been upgraded to Windows 11!

Friends, Windows 11 is not just visible to the naked eye! I mean, the UI is very different & has changed now. It looks like a mobile UI! But in my opinion many nice & useful many features have been added! And there are some things like if you do not like the feature you can keep it like Windows 10 feature.

There are so many things & so the title says there are so many Windows 11 features you may not be aware of! And you have to use them! Let’s get started, & don’t waste any more time. Taskbar – Friends, this is the biggest visual change in Windows 11. All the symbols first came to the centre on the left. It looks like MacOS, but most people will like it if you do not like it. But if you think it’s like Windows 10 on the left or not, You can do it easily. You need to go to Settings> Personalization> Taskbar> Taskbar Behavior> and select – Left Taskbar Align.

And it comes back as before in Windows 10! Did you know that? And friends, there are many elements in this personalization area that you can customize to your liking! Many things can be visually experienced, including their work. So go ahead and spend some time in Settings‌> Personalization.

Just like your mobile “Focus Mode“, it also comes with Windows 11! Focus Mode – If you are gaming on your PC, you do not want notifications or anything else if you do not want to be interrupted, Yes Focus mode has arrived & you can customize what notifications are allowed & what not!

It’s WFH time & many times you are doing some work & many distraction notifications‌. It at least bothers me a lot & I definitely use focus mode & it benefits me! Friends, there are so many great shortcuts in Windows 10! When you go to the Start menu, you will see folders that you can use.

I used them personally & when I installed Windows 11 I could not find them, but there was a way. If you want some folders – downloads, pictures, etc. Folders On Start – You can pin these folders to the Start menu that you want to access regularly.

It’s very easy, just go to Settings> Personalization> Start> Folders‌, & In it, you can select many things like a file explorer, documents, downloads, music, pictures, videos, network, your personal folder etc.

All of these will be added. In shortcuts, you can access them with one click! And friends, this next feature is really cool! And I don’t think most people know about it.

Type by voice – you can actually type with your voice. You can talk to your PC / Laptop & it will type for you. You do not need to type this. It’s easy! Press “Windows + H” & start talking! And the PC starts writing.

Another thing, we always use “right-click” on folders‌ or set icons & more. I use right-click from the beginning & if you want to empty the recycle bin or delete the app, we all usually do. Legacy right-click – but now, the right-click menu has been simplified & many of the things you can no longer do.

But do not worry! The old right-click feature is still accessible! Highlight the part you want to right-click, And then press “Shift + F10”. The old right-click menu is back as before! Did you know that? Give it a try!

Most people know this because Microsoft has already promoted it. Multiple Desktops – Pressing the Windows Key + Tab simply pops up multiple windows. If you want to divide your work, your personal stuff, multimedia into different desktops, you can do it now! You can now add as many desktops as you want. Not bad! This is a very useful feature & I use it in my office.

You do a lot of multi-tasking! You want to do multiple things at once & you do not have multiple monitors. Likewise, you want different windows on the same monitor. It’s so easy! Snap Layouts – You get 4 different layouts if you hover over the maximized icons & you can see it.

But you do not need to use the mouse, you just need to use the shortcut! Press the Windows key + up / down / left / right arrow. If you press the right arrow on Windows +, it will move to the right & so on.

So it will be very interesting and useful! And if you want to display different windows in different layouts, you can use Snap Layouts. This is another amazing feature. Char, & many people use it. There are many times our tabs are open & we only need 1 of them! But most of the tabs/windows in the background are open. If you want to keep the same window & minimize others,

Shake to minimize – This is very easy to use minimizing feature, you can shake the 1st open window & All other windows behind will be minimized. But remember, this feature is turned off by default & you need to turn it on.

Windows Key> Type Multi-Tasking> Title Bar Shake & Turn on the window. And shake the 1st open window & all other windows will be minimized! Themes – Dark Mode / Normal Mode All Come On & I Love It! If you want to see the screen in low light, it will not be a big problem for your eyes.

There are many themes available with color options. You can customize it completely & granular according to your color preferences. So you do it now! You have complete control over how your desktop looks!

Go to Settings> Personalization> Themes and browse the themes you like & select 1 of them! Did you know that Dynamic Refresh Rate is like having a custom refresh rate on your mobile phones? It is now available in Windows 11!

Dynamic Refresh Rate – If your display supports HDR or a faster refresh rate like 120 / 144Hz, you can use it now!

If you go to displays, there is an option if you want to use 144Hz, you can do it. It’s so soft! Auto HDR – Yes, If your display supports this, you can use Auto HDR while editing videos/gaming. This is advantageous for high-end displays.

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What’s New in iOS 15.1.1



iphone 13 pro

Hi everyone  today Apple released iOS 15.1.1 to the public this is something we’ve been waiting for quite some time and in a bit of a surprise it’s available to only specific devices so for the first time in quite some time this is available only to iPhone  12 and 13 series devices, so it’s available to the public at the same time everywhere around the world, but you have to have a 12,12 mini 12 pro or 12 pro max or iPhone  13 mini 13 13 pro or 13 pro max it’s not available to any other iPhone s that support iOS 15 or any other iPads it’s only available to these specific iPhone s we haven’t seen apple do this for quite some time now this update is a fairly small update it came in at 362.3 megabytes that’s on my iPhone 12 Pro Max but if you’re on an older version maybe you haven’t even updated to iOS 15.1,

yet it’s going to be a littleger and so if you’re looking for the update the easy way to do that is going on your phone go to settings go to general then software update, and it should show up just like it did here, so you’ll see it was 1.44 gigabytes on my iPhone 13 pro max this particular iPhone  is on an older version of ios 15.0.1, so you’ll want to make sure that it’s on the latest version to have the least amount of size for updating but either way it could be a smaller large update for you now as far as what’s new well before we talk about that the first thing is if you’re on a beta maybe you’re on ios 15.2 betas you will not see this update because you’re on a newer version you won’t see it even if you’re on the supported devices that are getting this update so just keep that in mind now let’s take a look at the build number and talk about what’s new,

so we’ll go to settings then we’ll go to general than about you can see the build number is 19b 81 and like I said this is a bit odd because it’s only for these specific devices we haven’t seen that in quite some time if ever with a major public release however this particular update fixes a specific problem for the iPhone  12 and 13 and that has to do with call quality or call drop performance specifically as you can see here says it improves call drop performance on iPhone  12 and iPhone  13 models and the thing that’s very specific about the 12 and 13 series phones is they have Qualcomm modems in them instead of intel modems so with all those issues with maybe switching between 4g 5g UC maybe millimeter wave and back to Wi-Fi and those things hopefully those are resolved, and maybe it resolved more than just the call drop issue however because it’s so specific it makes sense that they didn’t push it out to other devices if they’re just fixing that one issue so as far as what’s in this particular update that is the only thing they’ve mentioned and when they push out one of these updates they always update their security web page so if we go to safari you can see this is the Apple security updates page and if we scroll down you’ll see that they have ios 15.1.1 listed there,

And it says available for iPhone  12 and later and this update has no published CVE entries now that does not mean they haven’t fixed something specific to this with security, but they haven’t published it if they have, so there’s nothing mentioned here as far as what could be in it specifically, but that doesn’t mean they haven’t pushed some sort of security update altogether as far as bug fixes well again I would expect it to fix things such as cellular connectivity I don’t know that for sure as it takes a little time to use it but cellular connectivity I wouldn’t expect any battery changes of course it’ll take a little while to use this and then see what it’s like, but I wouldn’t expect any battery updates anything else because it’s fixing a very specific problem now if it was causing battery drain specific to maybe the cellular antenna then maybe we could see an improvement, but again it will take a few days to know that for sure and of course this phone hasn’t been my main phone I’ve been using the betas so this particular one battery life for some on 15.1 has been pretty terrible this phone has a 100 battery capacity and again like I said it hasn’t been my main phone, so it’s not going to show the true battery life of earlier builds but quite a few people were having poor experiences on 15.1, so hopefully this is part of the problem, and they resolved it with it now as far as performance again I wouldn’t expect anything different scrolling and everything else seems to be the same, but I did run a benchmark on this just to see if it was any different on the 12 pro max since I have some benchmarks from earlier versions so if we go into geek bench in geek bench you’ll see it scored 1596 for single core 4163 for multicore if we go to the history and take a look at the previous time when I ran it on October 1st here that was with an earlier version 15.0.1 we’re actually a bit above that as far as the overall scores.

So that’s a good sign even right after updating this phone checking the geek bench scores they’re a little higher so that typically makes me think it’s going to have a little better performance as those numbers typically improve over the next few days so that’s it in this particular update there’s not a lot more to talk about now I did talk the other day about some updates to AirPods the other day apple also released updates for AirPods 3 and AirPods Pro I made a separate video about that I made live earlier today and of course that’ll be linked in the description but if you want to know how to update your air pods or what’s new in this or what’s new in the AirPods update of course that’s linked in the description, and you can check that out on my channel now other than that I wouldn’t expect ios 15.1.1 to release to the public on any other devices now it’s possible they do that, but I think with ios 15.2 coming up is being in the betas there was a beta yesterday I think we’ll have a couple more betas and then an early December release with 15.2 that will be available to everyone instead of just 12 and 13 series phones hopefully apple doesn’t do that again because a lot of people get quite frustrated when they just push it out to some people and that sort of fragments the versions that are available to people so now on the 12 and 13 the latest version is ios 15.1.1 on all other phones

It’s 15.1 so I’m not really happy to see them do that hopefully they change that in the future as far as if you should install this update well if you’re on an iPhone  12 or 13 I definitely would install it to fix those problems with phone calls, and hopefully it resolves your issues now if you found anything else in this update I’d love to hear from you in the comments below


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Best 10+ Upcoming Mobile Phone November 2021




Friends, September & October months were so busy! OMG, they had so many phone launches! You must’ve seen them, as we’ve done their unboxing & first impressions. And this is the video about upcoming smartphones for next month. I’m going to talk about the phones launching in November, but remember it’s an interesting time as it’s the festive season. And what are your plans for Diwali? I hope you’re having a great time! Yes, in 2021 & 2022, the festivities were subdued & minimal due to the pandemic.

I hope this Diwali, the Covid cases have dropped completely & I’m hoping everyone’s having a great time! It was as if November wouldn’t be so great because many launches have already happened but no! Many exciting launches are coming up! I’m seriously telling you, watch the video till the end so that you know them all! I’m very surprised how so many phones are launching even after Diwali ends.

Because Diwali is on the 4th of October & then there’s November, but many phone launches are coming up. Yes, the quantity is more limited, but the phones are exciting. So watch the video completely to know! Firstly, let me clear this out! ASUS 8Z – I’m talking about them since June-July & I didn’t mention them, but I regularly talk to the people of ASUS, & they want to launch & they’re going to the ASUS 8Z. Meaning those who want a compact Android phone with flagship-level specifications, can look at the 8Z. And 90% it’ll launch by November end. Yes, I talked to ASUS that we’ve mentioned it twice in our upcoming video series And they also confirmed that it’s launching soon, but due to chip shortage & supply chain problems they couldn’t launch it. Otherwise, imagine why they wouldn’t launch it. It’s Diwali & many people shop during this time & they’re waiting for it. So yes, the compact flagship-level ASUS 8Z is launching in November.

And friends, it’s interesting as many flagship phones are launching & I’m going to talk about OnePlus & iQOO. Both these brands are going to launch amazing flagship phones in India in November! Redmi Note 11 Series – They’re important as the Redmi Note series is the most popular! And it’s launching in China this month(28th October) according to me. There are 3 phones – Redmi Note 11, Redmi Note 11 Pro & Redmi Note 11 Pro Plus. And generally, after launching the Redmi Note series in China, it launches in India after a month. According to that, I’m saying there could be 1-2 phones that are coming to India from the Redmi Note series by November end. Or maximum in December’s 1st/2nd week. So yeah, let’s wait for it this time as it’s said to have a 120W charging, will have 5G & would be on Dimensity SoCs, & it’s quite exciting as the Redmi Note 11 series is coming! Xiaomi 11T Series – It’s renamed now! And it’s said to be launched in India by mid-November!

There would be the Xiaomi 11T, the Xiaomi 11T Pro & they’re listed on the BIS certification website, so the launch is imminent. They’ll launch by mid-end November. And remember, they’re flagship-level phones. So the Pro will be based on the Qualcomm SD888 SoC, it’ll have a 108MP multiple-camera setup, 120W fast charging etc. Soya, the work! As I said, many flagships are coming to India in November! Even after the festive season is over. And now to tell you, Xiaomi’s sub-brand POCO, no it’s an independent brand now! POCO M4 & M4 Pro – Either 1 or both phones might launch but remember, it’s a POCO phone, so it’s a rebadged phone! And the one on the certification website is the Redmi Note 11 with the same code name, & has come under the POCO brand name. So it’ll be a rebranded phone that’ll launch in India by the end of November, I’m not sure about this, but it might get launched.

The rumours & leaks are coming out slowly & it feels like it. So yes, POCO M4 & M4 Pro are expected! And talking about Xiaomi. Redmi K50 Series – It’s launching in China & not India. And with the number of rumors on the specifications! OMG! They’re all some crazy specifications in the K series phones. So that’s launching too but in China. The phone for the masses was going to launch before Diwali, but it’ll launch around Diwali. iPhone Next – Remember, it’s a phone in the price range of Rs 3.5-4K. It’ll be based on the Qualcomm SD215 SoC. It’ll have Android Go & it might launch before the 15th of November. Remember, this phone is made under Google’s partnership with Reliance Jio. So yeah, some interesting things are going to be on this phone! And it’s going to be for the masses! OnePlus 9RT 5G – We’ve been talking about this phone for many days now.

It’s finally going to come by mid-November. It’ll have the Qualcomm SD888 SoC, 50MP triple camera setup. So OnePlus this time, OnePlus launches their T-series which won’t be coming but the OnePlus 9RT is coming! It’s slightly lower than the flagship level & we’ll see at what price it comes. It’s said it’ll be around Rs 40K. So yes, the OnePlus 9RT is coming by mid-November. There’s another amazing phone launching, which I’m looking forward to! It came in China with the name of iQOO 8 Pro but in India, it’ll come by the name iQOO 8 Legend. iQOO 8 Legend – It’ll be based on the Qualcomm SD888+ SoC, it’ll have a 2K+ QHD+ display with some great specifications. iQOO has launched many phones this year & iQOO 8 Legend will be sitting right at the top of the heap! So it’s coming with some great specifications & it’s confirmed to come by mid-November. Now, friends, I don’t think OPPO/Vivo is launching any phones, at least according to our sources & findings. So OPPO/Vivo is not launching any phones, but Micromax & LAVA might launch their phones.

There was some news about Micromax phones some 15-20 days ago, so there might be phones coming from them, but I’m not sure, so I’m not talking about it. And generally, Samsung which is usually on our list is also not launching any phone. So yeah, no OPPO, no Vivo & no Samsung. Infinix might launch a phone as they launch 1 every month. So at this point, I’m not sure but yes it might come, but I’m not so sure. Yes, so this was our Upcoming Smartphone for next month(November) video, how did you find it? We take a lot of effort, research & talk with people of the industry & only then do we make the video! So that we are accurate, but we can’t always be 100% accurate, but our hit rate is almost 90% So do hit LIKE on that note! That’s all for this video, until the next one, Keep Trucking & Stay Safe!


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